How might we create a progressive and successful solution to mitigate traffic congestion?
Sia - An app equipped with machine learning to help drivers make informed decisions during peak congestion hours.
Theia - Augmented reality glasses which overlay intuitive visual information collected through the Sia app.
Design Problem
One of the main reasons congestion occurs on the highway during peak hours is due to the phenomenon of Phantom Traffic Congestion.
Emergence - The phenomenon of emergence encourages smart commuting. Emergence allows individual interactions to form sophisticated entities through simple rules. This phenomenon can be observed in schools of fish avoiding their predators. The fish rely on the information exchanged with their neighbors to move and avoid danger.   
A smartphone application which provides useful information regarding upcoming traffic congestion. The application's intent is to prepare the user to make an informed decision about their commute so the overall effect mimics a bilateral traffic control.  
Augmented reality glasses which provides more immersive and informative experience to mitigating traffic congestion using the same information provided as Sia.    

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